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“Sometimes life's going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”
-Steve Jobs

Living our life forward doesn't always guarantees the clearness of purpose we’re hoping for. Sometimes, it’s just plain difficult to make sense of what’s happening while were stepping into something new or threading into some path we’re not willing to step into before.

Would the dots connect? How can my previous life dots connect to this? Or would the destination of this path would cast a smile in my face in the end?

It’s even more difficult to retain peace when something bad and unexpected happens. Financial crisis. Health problem. Debilitating love.

Why life hit you like that? What have you done to deserve that unfairness?

I've recently seen a faithful mother, a woman who genuinely live for Jesus and cares about what He cares about, she’s a light of a home who always take care of her family before herself – with … with a shaven head. The minute I saw her, my mouth can’t move or ask any question regarding her condition. I just knew.

“Why? “

My mind spiraled into one of my greatest weakness, my deep and disturbing skepticism about God who can allow this kind of thing to happen. I’m a Christian. I believe that it’s impossible for me to let go of my belief because God won’t let go of me. But still, the question lingers, that’s the question that never goes away.

But when I saw her family, I became ashamed of my initial deep God-questioning. Yes, their situation is very hard, who would want for cancer to threaten the priceless bond of their family? But their response is remarkable. Rejoicing in the faithfulness of God, they’re trusting Him with hearts fully opened, knowing that He knows what’s best and will do what’s best. My depression turned into inspiration.

I’ve seen and read hundreds of scenarios like this. The people who got hit by life with a brick initially became flooded with tears of sadness and violent doubts. But they learned to trust– to their God, to their destiny or to the meaning of life they’re not willing to let go. It’s a hard process, but in the end, they came to the point of tranquility stronger than before. The dots became connected after all.

This is a lesson I personally need to learn. Though I've had my own share of sufferings and came to somewhat similar conclusion, I still have the inclination to emotionally question God whenever I see the bad side of life dominate someone.

In the end, trusting is a higher virtue than knowing the answers. Having the answers can subside the windy questions in our head, but only faith can hold our troubled hearts and calm us in the midst of life’s storms. One makes you more of an intellectual, the other fashions you into a stronger candidate for life.

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