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Given the chance, would you choose a life full of challenges bundled with meaning or a life with exalted comfort that knows no hassle?

“No brainer”, some of you might answer. Who won’t choose comfort? Isn’t it the very ideal of every youngster today? Have enough money to retire, sit in the couch and “enjoy life”?

Following the advice of the majority, they seek the highest paying job even they aren’t really passionate about just to acquire more money in less time. After months of working, the trap started to bite. They found themselves working hard in the job they also hate as hard. From 9 to 5 every weekdays, they’re enduring the repetitive tasks, a demanding boss, and the sense of alienation from real life. Their eyes are constantly checking the clock like crazy, longing to leave the office as early as possible.

When Friday comes, they would cheer “Thank God it’s Friday!” Temporary paradise. A quick vanishing release from the futility that succumbs them in their work. But when Monday comes, their faces would warp into gloomy demeanor, “Oh God… it’s Monday… again.”

If you don’t want your job, you would naturally look for release. You would constantly in thirst for downtime because your sense of purpose are not in line with what you’re doing. You would equate “living a life” with having an extended vacation with no notifications from work, unblemished by every imaginable anxiety.

But would we be happy in a state where all we do is nothing but rest and entertain ourselves? Would we be proud to engrave in our tombstone these words “Howdy, I’m John Doe. I lived in comfort, unchallenged by nothing. I’m a satisfied man.”?

We need meaning, not just comfort

It’s a subtle cry, but you’ll eventually hear it - you’re not made for total idleness, your inner self is designed to crave for higher purpose beyond what the eyes can see or money can pay.

A life truly lived is an uncomfortable one, a life that reached for something, fought for someone, dedicated to an ideal, or lived for the Giver of life.

A life truly lived is the one that was committed in serving others. And in its own way, changed the world for the better and caused million smiles along the way.

In every opportunity, choose meaning over comfort, choose a daring life over an overslept and boring existence. If someone ridicules you, remember it’s natural, some people are agents of status quo, people who can’t simply stand the presence of “crazy” people who think and act different.

Just being comfortable is all about you, but living a life with meaning is about something or someone greater than yourself, and that life has thousand times more value. A life well lived.

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