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We’re fortunate to meet people that clicks something deeper in us. For much of our childhood, we’re taught by our parents to be someone with discipline, to be a model individual, or a child who thinks like an adult. Rules. You must do this, not that, this is it.

But some parents aren’t modeling the very behavior they insisting for their child to follow. It’s sad to see lot of youngsters today with no respect for what the authority are saying because they think that 95% of them are just good in that, talking, not doing.

But one day, you meet another person that speaks personally to you, through the way he talks and the unmistakable congruence of his faith, principles, and daily walk. There’s nothing remarkable on him on the outside, he’s far from being a celebrity. But he can inspire you like no one else, he can push you to act on proven life principles, to believe in something, in yourself, in God.

They are heroes living in the midst of us, gifts that no one must deny. Mentors are gently pushing us to become better. Without them, I don’t believe that the next generation would have models of living with something deeper in mind. A lot of people are just good in giving instruction but apathetic in following their own preaching. Mentors are different, they are inspiring us, consciously or unconsciously, to live a better life. All of them are more than heroes.

Living by example is not just the better way, it’s the only way. That’s a mantra we must not forget. Teach by doing not just talking if you really care about making a positive impact. All other gimmicks in influencing are just that, gimmicks.

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