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Proclaim the message. Preach it brother.

I believe in that. Give your message. Speak up. Talk courageously.

But all of our instructional talking are worthless without our actual walking. A disconnect between your words and actions is a real disconnect, it can’t be patched up by silly excuses – idiotic, rational or religious. Speaking something and doing the opposite doesn't just invalidate its effects, it’s also aggravating it!

It’s sad to see a lot of “leaders” thinking that because they got the chair, they also got the game. “Don’t be late, respect each other’s time!” says the leader. But he, the very proclaimer of the beneficent practice of arriving on time, always comes late. What is that?

People are not easily fooled. Talks with margarine and butter are worthless if you’re not fully into it. Don’t be concern if they are not listening to you, be concern because they’re always looking at you.

Mahatma Gandhi is a great leader of India, as well one of the finest leader the world has ever seen. He led India in overthrowing the British Empire not with talk of politics, complaints, or other preaching but with genuine walk of the virtue of nonviolence. They were freed not because of their loud voices but because of their authentic life messages. No one can resist people with full substance in their souls.

“My life is my message,” said Gandhi. What do we think is his life’s message? He can be criticized or vilified, but no one can ignore him. Because he’s real, not a phony. He also said that “Happiness is when …. what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

Your life is your message. It’s the core. It is your actions, not your opinions that cause life change in others. Not preaching. Not posting. Living.

“Talk doesn't cook rice.”
-Chinese proverb

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