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Who doesn’t want to be physically fit? We’re wishing to get rid of those dangling fats and show up proud in our beach moments. But few are willing to give up those extra rice, wake up early and run.

Who doesn’t want to have financial peace? We long for the nights without worries whether we can pay the bills. But few are willing to control their childish whims to constantly upgrade, make a budget, save and invest.

Who doesn’t want a warm relationship with his better half? Our hearts are thirsty for loving connection, mutual respect and faithfulness. But few are willing to turn off the TV and spend time nurturing their marriage.

Everything that is worthwhile requires intentional effort. If the times get hard and you have the habit of quitting or pointing the blame stick to others, then you’re likely to amount to nothing. Strength is the ability to cope with hardship even a big chunk of you is crying to quit. It’s taking the next baby step in spite of lazy emotions, distractions, detours, and nagging fears.

If you don’t want a bitter life, stop whining and start paying the price for the better life.

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”
-Jim Rohn

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