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There’s a very moving moment for me in the movie “The Hunger Games”. It’s when Peeta and Katniss is in the cave, he told the story on how he first saw her and the feelings that welled up after that fateful moment.

“I remember the first time I saw you. Your hair was in two braids instead of one. I remember when you… You sang in music assembly the teacher said ‘Who knows the high song?’ and your hand shot straight up! After that I… I watched you going home everyday.”

Peeta looked at Katniss with loving affection. “Everyday.”

It’s a moment when I felt a profound meaning of love. Love is an insatiable compulsion to think of a person that is heavenly important to you in every moment. You love her so much that her image becomes your steadfast inspiration to be a better person. Even though you don’t know if she feels the same way about you, you still lovingly watch and think of her, everyday.

All of us are crying for that kind of affection, for a special person to think of us every day. One person waking up every night because he can’t stop thinking of you. A person who can’t live without knowing that you’re in good. A person who simply can’t stop wishing you all the best.

And all of us need to give that love. If you’re already doing that, please continue to do so. Love unconditionally, everyday.

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