We stopped over in Tagaytay yesterday before going back to home after our AMG national conference. As we’re hiking up to a park at a mountain, we gazed at the immense beauty of nature painted by lands, mountains, lake and sky. “God is really great. No technology can ever replicate this kind of beauty, not even the tiniest part of it,” whispered by one of my colleague.

In our world where you’re labeled out when you don’t have the latest iteration of technology, the simple but fulfilling act of appreciating God’s creations is easily forgotten. We tend to ignore the things freely given and overemphasize the worth of things with price tags. The geniuses of advertising made us crave for the exaggerated value and specs of newer gadgets. “Oh no! I’m missing out on life, the Galaxy S5 is already there, causing delight in every tap while I’m still with a hoary S4.” Have you heard someone said that he missed out something in his day because he missed watching the sunset or been unable to play with his daughter?

No matter how high the resolution of your screen is, the vibrancy and clearness of nature is simply undisputable. No screen technology or screen size can ever distilled the magnificence of the more-than-3D creation of the greatest Engineer. In truth, no human invention can better penetrate our senses than God’s creations. Let’s delight in His creations not just in human inventions, the former are always free and over deliver, the latter always come with price tags and frequently (and disappointingly) under deliver. A real pet is always better than a digital one.

Technologies are great. I can’t deny the importance of computer, smartphone, internet and apps (Evernote, Wunderlist, MoonReader, MortPlayer Audiobooks, Pocket, Expense Manager, TED) in my daily life. But I must keep in mind that things made by human hand are never the perfect substitute to the things created by Divine hand. New technologies are nice to have but are not really vital to have. Even we’re seeing little advertising in delighting in nature (compare to the masterly promotions of the latest “must haves”), we’re still called to have a proper perspective on the value of things around us. Having the proper perspective wouldn’t make you a celebrity (maybe later as a worthy celebrity with positive influence, not a fluffy one concern only with the trivial), but it would always make you celebrate the things that matter, even the simplest ones.

Walk out this afternoon and watch the sunset with your God-given eyes not just with your human-invented lenses. Save the moment in your heart not just in the memory card. Upload thanksgivings to God not just upload the pictures on social media. The most delighting things and experiences are in the original canvas of God’s creation, always freely given. Don’t missed out real life clamoring for the latest, experience full life by always delighting in the things created by the Greatest.

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