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Who doesn't have dreams? Others might not have dreams as grand like those of idealistic people, but regardless, they’re still worthwhile to achieve for themselves and for the people they love. Even the most unassuming person has dreams and secretly wanting to achieve them.

Having our dreams reached is constant in our daydreaming when we’re still children. We just can’t help it! We’re totally excited to grow up and grab the opportunities that would lead us to life’s high points.

But then real life happens. We get to the constant cycle of working, receiving paycheck and paying the bills. Especially for the majority of Filipinos who are one week away from complete bankruptcy, some families even have genuine worries about where they’re going to scrape their food the next morning. Debts. Unpaid Bills. Shouting. Curses. Tears.

I know that what I’m writing are just clich√© for them. “Those encouragements are just for fairytales and movies, it doesn't work in real life – especially in our life…” For them, it’s better to be realistic than to be idealistic. It’s a sad truth, but majority of Filipinos came to the deadly idea that dreams are only for children or rich people, people who came to attend Ateneo or La Salle.

Every Filipino who came from needy family is called to be the long-awaited financial redeemer. Every day, we carry the burden and the privilege to be the primary supporter of our siblings’ education and aging parents who omitted saving for retirement so their children can find food in the table when they’re still young.

The countless sacrifices of their parents made thousands of breadwinners inspired to do every work imaginable so they can go back to home and still find their family complete and thriving. And in spite of all the burdens we have inside and out, we can still have genuine smiles – we can maintain our resilient and joyful spirit even life’s windows seems broken or closed.

I salute all breadwinners. Those sons and daughters that sacrificed their twenties or even their early thirties so they can support their immediate family, not bothered by the long hours of hard work, commuting every day and every night thinking still about the welfare of their family. Every sweats and tears that your parents ever have were turned into gold because of what you’re doing.

I know that I’ll sound idealistic again here, but I believe breadwinners are the best candidates for life’s success because they already have the sense of responsibility that is lacking in other people. But in order to overcome our present difficult reality, we must acknowledge that we have the power to imagine better. I still believe in the power of dreams and the sense of vigor when we found our unique element, the glorious intersection where our passion and talents meet. With the never ending inspiration from our loved ones, the pulling gravity of our vision, and the incessant drive of our element – we can be in the fulfilling journey called success.

Read the biographies of the people you admire. Be with people who lift you up. Build your dreams on your free time. Eliminate the inessentials. Do everything with love and for love. Read. Pray. Be the best person you can be and sow seed to benefit others, not for your glory but for the glory of your Creator and the happiness of the people around you.

“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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