We all want the warm feeling of elation called happiness. There’s an overarching desire in us to be satisfied, to know that we’re enough or more than enough to experience the fullness of life.

How to be happy?

We searched for it on Google, we find books, seminars, and mentors that would teach us how to attain the constant nirvana of the soul. We’re aching for something deeper everyday so we go wide, in every spaces and corners to find it: money, career, spouse (+ mistress? Oh no), children, religion, possessions, accolades, and other stuff.

But what is happiness really? I know that we’re familiar with hundreds of its definition and zealous for some, especially we Christians (like “No God, no happiness. Know God, know happiness.”). But one definition struck me the most because it’s all-embracing and penetrating. It’s a sentence written by Christopher McCandless, a radical American hiker who searched for happiness by going “Into the Wild”.

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

Simple and profound. Happiness is nothing when it’s all about one person. Have you experienced watching a great movie alone and not feeling satisfied after it’s finished? The plot is awesome, it’s inspirational, it got a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but you feel that something is missing because you watched it alone. Even on the simplest things, we feel and receive more of life when they’re shared.

No matter what you get or who you become, happiness is only available beyond yourself. Yes, commercials are telling us that we can be happy just by getting a product, but life doesn’t really tell that. We can’t be really happy without sharing what we have, sharing the experience, and sharing love with others.

Happiness is not stuck, it flows. And it can only flows through our relationships. Money stuck in one’s pocket is just money, but when you let it flow through your relationship it can cause delight. Reaching a goal is achievement, but getting there alone doesn’t cause cheerfulness in anybody. Having a big house is just getting a shelter, having a family even in a simple house makes it a home – a nest for love and shared heartstrings. Party, vacation, sex, graduation – all of them loses value when it’s all about you. Happiness only happens at relationships – with God, with your family, with your friends, or even to strangers – because strangers are just family you haven’t meet yet.

Share your life. Make happiness happen.

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