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Nobody woke up when they’re young and said “I want to live in financial survival mode for the rest of my life!” But for some, years into their adulthood (and with pile of things they bought with money they don’t have to impress those people they don’t like), that unfortunate stance is their only reality.

There’s no kindergarten pupil has ever wished to be an average Joe - a certified practitioner of mediocrity and a grinning holder of Master’s Degree in Irresponsibility. But on every single day, we’re meeting these people, with distinct loneliness in their eyes for not meeting their potentials.

No man ever wanted for their life to be destroyed by lust and pornography, to lose the sight of the captivating value of women and authentic intimacy through sex within marriage. But we’re seeing many lashing men in corners of our society, full of regrets for what they become.

No one wanted to hear the words “I don’t trust you!” But it’s a reality that there are more untrustworthy people in our surroundings than trustworthy ones.

Nobody wanted to accumulate the negatives in life. But over time, the drifting occurs if we’re not intentionally (and prayerfully) paying attention about the implications of our daily decisions, compromises and reflections. Any good intentions without intentional actions are subject to the drift to degeneration. As Andy Stanley has written in his book "The Principle of the Path", “Direction, not intention, determines your destination.”

Good vision without thoughtful actions would lead to dashed expectations. Thinking about being excellent is just that, mere thinking. Doing excellence in everything is the only way to make excellence inscribed in your DNA. Because the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Nurtured relationships, sound finances, vigorous health, a felt loving connection with your Creator – these won’t accompany you on the negative life drift, they’re only available when your intentional, in thought and in action in reaching them.

You’re not a dead fish drifting with the waves; you’re a prized creation destined to lead in spite of the waves. If you don’t want a rift between your life and happiness, then be intentional in not participating in the drift.

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