“Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.”

That’s a wonderful quote from the book “Leaders Eat Last”, written by business philosopher Simon Sinek. There’s no denying that some of us are disappointed in the people who are “above” us - the people who are supposed to lead us by leading themselves first and proving that they truly care about the vision of the organization and its people.

“If only… If only he would straighten himself and his body would follow what his mouth are saying!”

But great leaders are quiet rare. It’s easier to make alibis from time to time than adhere to true north principles consistently. Easier to break a promise than fulfill one. Easier to use power for self-indulgence than for service. Easier to be selfish than to be selfless. No wonder many are doing just that, adhering to the natural inclination of the self, rarely thinking about those who are negatively affected.

But as much we want to change other people - especially those who are in authority, the hard truth is simply we can’t. Life’s business doesn’t include changing others because it’s not designed to be that way. The best thing we can do is to influence them, teach and inspire them. And you can only influence others if they’re seeing that you yourself is influenced by your principles, if you’re living to your said standards. If so, then you can hope that a fire would ignite inside them and discover intrinsic motivation to change themselves.

The world is overpopulated with people trying to change everything and everyone except themselves. We have enough history to prove that approach is not working! And history has also enough examples of people who proved to be real game changers, and they are the ones who led themselves first before trying to lead others.

Steve Jobs said that the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world – are the ones who do. But I also believe that the people who changed the world are the people honest enough (and awakened enough) to believe that they’re the ones who need changing first.

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