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One reason that makes our life worth living is because of goals and anticipations. When we have something or someone to look forward to, it creates a healthy expectation that spurs us to move. Just the simple moments spent in dreaming can evoke a sense of happiness within us.

We all want something. When we look at our art, we envision the best version it can be. When we look at our budget, we’re thinking about how great it would be when we finally don’t have to worry whether we can pay the tuition fees of our kids. When our job seems dull and unexciting, we are thinking when our side business would finally soar and let us quit the job that are expected of us and embrace the passion we've been always eager to do.

We start. We encourage ourselves. We do the work. When we finally passed the project to the client or hit publish, we walk home thinking that maybe tomorrow is the day of glory.

But our timeframes seldom shows up in reality. Your business won’t likely to succeed in just one year, return your investment and make a decent profit. Your art won’t reach the angelic level with just 500 hours of investment. When we’re in the middle of the journey, it is hard to soak up this truth, but this will always be true - worthy things take time.

The period when you're questioning your progress because you're not receiving concrete feedback where you are exactly is the life in the middle. And many people raise their hands in surrender in that period. Please don’t.

Goals are journeys, not sprints. There would be challenges, dull roads, dead ends, and detours. The most important thing in our goals is not what we get at the end, but who we become in the process. Quitting in the middle is the betrayal of the process, it’s like stopping a butterfly’s metamorphosis. You won’t discover your wings unless you’re willing to endure the lingering questions and pressing challenges in the middle.

The perseverance, patience and perspective we would get at the middle of our journeys are the life lessons that cannot be found in books or seminars, they’re only written in the middle of our life’s roads. And sometimes, the lessons that at the middle are more important than the ones at the beginning or at the end.

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