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Imagine a man in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, exhausted trying to keep afloat. Afraid of being eaten by the great ocean, his mind can't help panicking and wishing his nightmare to end. Do you think his mind can walk on to other things like the details of his current projects or his progress in his life dreams?

The answer is undoubtedly no. Anyone in constant danger like that cannot think of things other than survival, our brain locks our attention to nothing else except for the next breath of oxygen or nearby salvation. We switch to survival mode.

Survival mode happens in our life. For many, the constant worry, the “ocean” is their area of finances. Haunted by creditors and helplessly surviving from paycheck to paycheck, the well-deserved attention on more important areas of their life like spirituality, relationships, health, and personal growth easily slips away.

There’s no wonder that many Filipinos are closed to the idea of reaching their potential or living their dreams. “It’s simply not possible, I’m drowning in debts. I need to sacrifice.” Thinking of a “better life”, many go to abroad for better opportunities and monetary benefits. I just hope that their children would know their faces when they get back home.

Robert Kiyosaki said that we all need another type of education in addition to scholastic and professional education we received from school and work - that is Financial Education. You see, our decision is saner when we know the subject, when we are aware about the best decision with our every cent. But many are allergic to the subject of finance, thinking they know it all or they don’t need to study it because they believe that growing up physically will also make them grow in financial knowledge. It’s a delusion, and that delusion causes many tears, broken relationships, and unrealized dreams. Without intentionality in finances or in every other important area in our life, stupidity easily gets in, so is unnecessary pain. Never boast about your suffering caused by your stupidity. Learn.

Would you want to worry every day for your next food? Can you swallow the situation wherein your children are stuck and can’t go to college because you have no penny? Can you look at the eyes of your loved ones dying from treatable disease because you don’t have any money for medication? You know the answers, and if you're playing with financial ignorance, wake up! When those situations happen, your lack of money becomes evil. Seek better counsels, be intentional with your every penny, and make sure that your money flows into the most important in life, not just in those extra stuff that don't really deserve to bother your existence.

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